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Refine Group is a digital commerce group that accelerate beauty- and lifestyle brands through our own digital commerce ecosystem.

We operate, refine and accelerate brands and stores globally in the beauty- and lifestyle verticals. Together with the founders and teams in our group companies, we are well positioned to outgrow the market through our digital commerce ecosystem.

The Group in numbers 2021







Refine Group grows organically and through acquisitions

Refine Group is growing fast organically from its own brands and e-commerce stores. Sharing certain centralized functions through the Refine Operational Ecosystem lead to synergies that enable an acquisition driven growth agenda.

Driving digital commerce

The Refine Operating Ecosystem

Refine’s digital commerce ecosystem helps digital-first retail brands drive success. From product development, brand building to logistics and technology – together we maximize potential.

Product Development & Brand building

Data-driven approach to product development and brand building.

logistics & OPERATIONS

Centralized logistics network – global distribution. Shared operational functions.

PlatformS & technology

Shared e-commerce platforms, warehouse management system (WMS), automation/AI etc.

Distribution & MARKET ACCESS

Market access through own- and external distribution. New geographical expansion.