Refine Group is a digital commerce group. We own, refine and accelerate growth through our digital commerce ecosystem.


The Refine Operating Ecosystem Drives Digital Commerce

Digital transformation is setting new rules in retail

The digital transformation is drastically changing how we buy and consume physical goods. Our group companies understand how to leverage the incredibly fast shift from physical to digital commerce to build the next generation category winners.

We are building an operating ecosystem for digital commerce

Our operating ecosystem helps digital-first retail brands drive success. From product development, brand building to logistics and technology – together we maximize potential.

We are the home for world class entrepreneurs and teams that together work to build the future’s global digital retail category winners.

Refine Group acquires Browgame Cosmetics

Browgame Cosmetics is a Nordic leader in tweezers and tools for eyebrows. Its tweezers have become the #1 selling tweezers in the Nordics. Browgame sell its products direct-to-consumer through its own website and through its network of premium resellers – such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and Lyko.